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At Coltwell, we have one of the largest open die selections in the industry. We produce standard shapes such as angle, bar, channel, rods, tubing, and other various shapes and sizes. Can't find what you are looking for? Give us a call. At Coltwell we pride
ourselves on one of the largest die catalogs in the industry and we are always updating our die catalog standards. Please look through our standard extrusion dies to locate your solid or hollow profile:

Open Die Angles

angle equal legs angle rounded corners
angle unequal legs      
Angle Equal Leg Structural Angle Angle Unequal Leg      

Open Die Bar

bux bar sharp rectangular bar hexagonal bar bus bar rounded    
Square Bar Rectangular Bar Hexagonal Bar Bus Bar Rounded    

Open Die Beams

i beam american stancard i beam sharp corners h beam american standard h beam sharp corners h beam j beam
Am Standard
I-Beam Sharp Corners H Beam
Am Standard
H Beam Sharp Corners h Beam J-Beam

Open Die Channel

channel sharp corner channel american standard c channel      
Channel Sharp Corners Channel
Am Standard
C Channel      

Open Die Pipe & Flag Poles

pipe light/flag poles        
Pipe Light/Flag Poles        

Open Die Rods


Open Die Tubing

hexagonal tubing octagonal tubing rectangular tubing round tubing square tubing square tubing with flange
Hexagonal Tubing Octagonal Tubing Rectangular Tubing Round Tubing Square Tubing Square Tubing
with Flange

Open Die Tees

sharp corner tees tapered tees american standard tees      
Sharp Corner Tees Tapered Tees Am Standard Tees      

Open Die Zees

sharp corner zee special zees      
Sharp Corner Zees Tapered Zees Special Zees      

Industry profiles

scaffolding sign panel flooring angle bus bleachers dock shapes
Scaffolding Sign Panel Flooring Angle Bus Bleachers Dock Shapes
handrails fence shapes        
Handrails Fence Shapes